2013 Nissan GTR Track Pack – Test Drive

The Nissan GTR is one of the game changers in the automotive industry, ever since they launched and it has always been looked upon as the god of supercars (Godzilla), Italian supercar beater, and a whole list of other names because it came out of no where and showed them it could bend their physics at a much lower price.

I was fortunate enough to start this blog with a quick drive of the 2013 Nissan GTR Track Pack. I would have wished to have clearer and better images of the car like in the press shot above but it was at night and the only device I had on me was a mobile phone.

For all who may be unfamiliar with the track pack version of the Nissan GTR, it costs around 50’000 Dhs over the price of the standard GTR and for that money you loose the backseat, and get a lot in return! Extended carbon fiber front lip (for increased cooling towards the brakes all the way up to 100 degrees), carbon fiber rear wing, a stiffer suspension (It is meant for the track so I can somewhat forgive what happened on the drive), 20 inch glossy black rims as is found on the VSpec models and a loss of about 45KGs overall. It still comes with its brilliant 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 pushing an absolutely delicious 545HP with 630Nm of torque. All this weight loss, increased aerodynamics and 2013 increased engine power means this car is capable of a 0-100 time under 3 seconds.
The test drive was in the exact car in the press shot above and it was a thing of a beauty. The test drive was short so I managed to gather only a few opinions of the car till I get the chance to actually review it.
The interior was very well lit and everything was easy on the eye, with the interior lighting being a smooth white light. The track pack does remove the rear seats, so this is strictly a 2 seater model compared the standard GTR with two small rear seats. The seats felt more supportive and although the suspension was extremely stiff the seats themselves were comfortable, very little moving around in corners here!

The central dashboard had plenty of buttons and the screen was fabulous, but it does give you the impression you are in a machine for one and only one purpose, speed. You should complain about the materials and quality of switches on another car because in this, it could disappoint, and they do not care!

The steering wheel was slightly tough but was re-assuring you, knowing quite well where your tires are.

Due to the location, the start of the test had a lot of bumps, and this is where the stiff suspension really showed its stiffness, going over simple bumps around 3-4KMPHs led to us shaking from left to right in the car. I could be complaining of this, but this is a track pack, this is certainly intended.

The drive in low speeds was very clunky, the gearbox was uncertain what gears to select, power wasn’t being delivered as smoothly and it isn’t a car you could crawl around and park with ease in, especially in tight spots. Surely, the car does have rear camera with guidance lines for those reversing, especially since the rear visibility with that carbon fiber spoiler is limited.

At higher speeds though, it worked superbly, a little hit in the throttle and within very few seconds I was already up to nearly 200KMPHs with absolutely no effort and no drama. Being a car enthusiast, that lack of drama does effect the experience a little bit, as compared to a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, it does lack some soul or character once speed becomes meaningless, and especially with the GTR being this fast, speed becomes meaningless with time.
This is one hell of a beast, a dedicated beast, a beast that can laugh at the faces of the Italians and Germans, but will never be able to wear a suit like one. I still absolute love it!

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