2015 Ford F-150 Platinum – Is This Truck Perfection?

In case you were not keeping count, the 2015 Ford F-150 is the thirteenth generation Ford truck. That is right, it has over 60 years of trucking experience and boy does it show! Introducing the most advanced truck Ford has ever made – The Ford F-150 Platinum.

This would be the first truck review on ihabdrives.com and I have to say, I was extremely excited to try the best out of Ford, the Super Crew with a 5.0litre Ti-VCT V8 engine!

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Hill Front Right

Special thanks to Ford Middle East for the weekend test drive.

With over 60 years of trucking experience, the Ford F-150 has a lot of experience, and it this experience shows in almost every single element. This will definitely be a super cool review!

Ford F-150 Introduction

The good thing about Ford trucks is that they come in so many variants, you can simply purchase the one that best matches your needs and budgets. They range from Regular Cab (single door), Super Cab (single door with rear space) and a Super Crew (two doors) and come with 3 engine options, a 2.7 litre ecoboost V4, a 3.5 litre V6 and a 5.0 litre V8. If that is not enough, there are several trim options with a whole array of toys.

In this review, I had tested the top of the range Ford F-150 Super Crew with a 5.0 litre V8 Platinum – what a long name!

The 5.0 litre V8 is a mighty 385 horsepower powerhouse with 387 pount feet of torque. The truck is capable of handling a 1497KG payload capacity and a whopping 5 tonne of towing on a full time 4 wheel drive.

All this heft comes with good brakes sized at 13.8×1.34mm front discs with dual pistons and a 13.7×0.79mm rear discs with single pistons.

As far as the interior of the F-150 goes, this might as well be the most spacious truck on the market today, but more on that soon!

The Ford F-150 is an incredible truck and there is an incredible amount of super cool features worth talking about. This was a driving pleasure and really displayed what Ford is capable of.

The Ford F-150 Platinum on the outside

Lets not get away from the fact that this is a very large truck.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Front Shot

The exterior dimensions of this beast are: 231.9 inches in length, 96.8 inches in width (including mirrors) and 76.9 inches in height. In comparison, the latest full-sized Range Rover is 196.8 inches in length, 87.4 inches in width and 72.2 inches in height!

Aside from the incredible size, the new F-150 is actually a very handsome machine! The front has a huge grille, large headlights (which are fully LED), gigantic side mirrors and a front bonnet height starting from the height of my chest. You will definitely notice this car in your rear-view mirror.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Front left Desert

Moving on to the side, it becomes clear that everything they did on the F-150 had to be large. Large body panels, door handles, side mirrors, wheel arches, etc. Everything in larger sizes than you’d expect, and you got to love that!

The Super Crew comes with 4 doors and has an automatic side step. This made entering and exiting the F150 incredibly easy, especially for women. Once the door is closed, the side step retracts back for maximum ground clearance and it is quite smart, when off-road and obstructed it will retract back and not continue to extend, for example.

Moving around to the back, the “box” had quite a party piece.

The little step and handle allows climbing on to the truck box as easy as ever.

The rear end is quite a good looking side of the car, especially in Platinum trim with the silver panel.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Rear Left Truck Closed

The box is quite large and is perfect for carrying things around and without a doubt, class leading!

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Rear Left Truck Opened

To the top, the Super Crew can carry up to 2192 litres on a 543mm height, 1656mm width and 2479mm length of the box. And it does have restraints, hooks and latches for maximum usability for different cases.

Those are the basics, but there are tons of little features that make this truck, a real truck!

Starting off, lets talk about lighting. The truck has a lot of lights to suit all the various scenarios you may be in. The rear window has a rear facing light, and the side mirrors have extended side lighting for night off-road driving. You’re in maximum visibility, all the time.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Night With Side Light

Feel the box is a bit too high to reach things inside? Ford solved that with extendable side steps!

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Extended Truck Side Step

And this isn’t “use your hand” kind of gear, this is kick it with your heavy duty boots kind of toughness.

Being a truck with this size, parking would be a hassle and there is no way around that.. but Ford did try to assist. The F-150 comes with a self-parallel-parking system, blind-spot detection and 360-degree cameras.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Blindspot Sensor

The 360-degree camera is not the highest quality, but does a good job telling you where your corners may be with visual and audible aids

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Center Display - 360 Degree Camera

That’s not all..

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Side Mirror

The Platinum test vehicle came with Ford’s largest set of side-mirrors I’ve ever seen on a vehicle. It even extends electronically for when you may be towing something extra-wide, like a caravan.

The side mirror has a direct rear view and a wide-angle lower mirror which I thought was more useful when driving than the direct one, it was a bit too magnified to my liking.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Tire and Rim

The test vehicle came with Ford’s polished 20 inch aluminium wheels, which are standard on the Platinum trim.

The F-150 was a beast of a vehicle, but as much as it was large, hard to park and maneuver, it was an absolute delight. Being a fan of gadgets, all the little elements they’ve added, although all practical, were just super cool!

The Ford F-150 Platinum on the inside

I did struggle to get good shots of the F-150 on the inside simply because the car was so big and it was bringing in light from every angle, lets not forget how big this car is!

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Driver Side Interior Shot

Just as the outside, everything is a larger size than usual, and the amount of gadgets and buttons easily out-does a luxury sedan. There is more than ample seating for 5, and I am not exaggerating one bit.

The driver sits quite high and oversees the entire road and upcoming traffic with ease. In most cases, the driver would be looking over the car that is ahead.

Interior is super nice, there are a few bits and pieces of hard rubber that are not soft to touch, but the rest is soft leather, good plastics and nice aluminium trim.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Driver Side Door Controls

To the left of the driver? Buttons! From the top, the driver can control the side mirrors, extend them or turn on the side mirror lights. Moving along to the bottom of that are the standard window controls and locks.

On the left side of the dashboard are the lighting controls for the rear lights, headlights, fog nights and brightness. Sitting below these are the driver seat memory and a button to control the height of the pedals, so now even shorter people can enjoy a huge beast!

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Center Console and Display

The center console is massive! From the left is the starter button, differential locking modes, the large touch screen SYNC display, auxiliary power, radio controls, air conditioning controls, heated/cooled seat controls and a trailer brake.

Speaking of the starter button, Ford has given the F-150 their new keyfob too.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - KeyFob

The reason I wanted to highlight the keyfob is becaue it has a remote start option, and this definitely had the longest range I have ever seen on any vehicle. As long as you can possibly see the car, it would be able to start the engine! I would start the car and take a 3 minute walk towards it and sit in a nice cooled F-150, just brilliant range.

The driver also has a lot of cool tech just for himself on the F-150

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Driver Instrument Panel

The driver trip computer is essentially a complete computer with more options that I’ve probably ever seen in a truck and will go through them later in the review. For now, the top displays all the vital fluids with two large bright gauges on either side of the screen which are very well light and bright. Great visibility.

The vehicle also came with a dual sun-roof option, for maximum brightness inside the cabin, which was a nice touch.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Dual Sunroof

With the large windows and sun-roof, it felt more outdoors than ever. The blinds are two-stage which means a second press is required to close it entirely.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Rear Seats

Rear space is just impressive! I had filled the car up with my friends and the rear passengers could easily cross their legs and place their bags in front of their feet, “ridiculously spacious” was someone’s comment. All rear seats can be raised up for additional storage and are lined up with fire extinguishers.

It is very comfortable in the back, too, with a lot of head room, leg room, and air conditioning.

Safety is one point to highlight here as the Ford F-150 has over 6 airbags, but also the rear seat belts are mini air-bags for maximum protection.

Feeling a little tired? The F-150 has a little addition; the driver’s seat has a built in massager!

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Interior - Massage Seats

Unfortunately, this is no more than a bit of a gimmick. The seat pushes and tensions certain areas which may give a momentarily effect of a massage but for sure, has not been perfected enough to be really a massage.

What’s new about the Ford F-150

Aside from all the toys and gadgets, the F-150 has a lot of new technologies and abilities to its name and here are a few worth mentioning:

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Front Left Below

It is lighter than ever! Quoted from the brochure: “High-strength aluminum alloys. Never before used in a pickup truck body and bed. Until now. Our innovation creates a 2015 F-150 that weighs up to 317 kg less than its predecessor.”. This is an incredible achievement to be able to make such a truck 300 kg lighter than before. All this combined with safety features like roll-stability control, makes the F-150 lighter, safer and more economical than ever.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Cover Shot

It is the most tested F-150 ever! With all the new materials used and weight-reducing procedures, they tested it in more ways than every before including acid-baths, extreme heat and abrasive desert testing and even more.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Rear Left Desert Hill

It has more technology than ever before! The F-150 comes with a lot of high tech gadgets such as blind-spot detection, collision prevention (Beeps and a visual warning is given when too close to a car ahead), 360-degree cameras, self-parking, and much more!

One favorite of mine is the hill-decent control, which takes on hills at ease and delivers you to the bottom absolutely safe.

and finally..

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Exterior - Rear Right Desert

It carries more than it ever did! With nearly 1.5 tonne load capacity, offered in 3 box sizes with smart outboard shocks for better load carrying and features like side-steps and box climbing tools, the box of the F-150 is probably the most practical and capable one on a truck today.

Being a techie, I couldn’t help admire the driver’s instrument panel computer system, which has 6 main sections:

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Driver Display - MyView

It starts with MyView, which is essentially the options you use the most. Consider it a favorites button.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Driver Display - Trip Computer

The second screen is the trip computer, which essentially provides all the necessary information on your fuel economy, trip computers and compass.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Driver Display - Track Ride Options

The third screen is the truck information, which provides options to select the digital speedometer, find out engine stats and information on the keyfob

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Driver Display - Towing Otions

Will you be using the F-150 to tow? The fourth screen is right for you! It gives you all necessary information about your two and also provides you assistance tools to hook your trailer up.

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Driver Display - Off Road - Power Distribution

The fifth screen provides two off-road options showing you your compass direction, angles and power distribution

2015 Ford F150 Platinum - Driver Display - Settings

The last screen is typically settings, which allows you to control all driver aids such as Automatic high-beam, BLIS, Cross traffic alerts, Driver alerts, Rear park pilot, Cruise control and several other driver aids and settings.

How was it to drive?

Simply put? Brilliant, but not without flaws.

The vehicle is super smooth to drive, with a good gearbox providing smooth power delivery in all terrains. The braking power is quite sufficient and does bring you to a stop in a decent distance for a truck this size. The steering wheel, as expected, is quite disconnected but not entirely off-putting and you do get a decent sense of wheel direction. The driving aids and assistance tools does make driving the vehicle a lot easier than it could have been but it will not make the size and heft go away. Visibility around the car is amazing for its size and all that is thanks to it’s 360-degree cameras and over-sized mirrors. Unfortunately though, those mirrors cannot be electronically folded.

Parking the vehicle is quite a hassle and at times, a normal sized parking would simply not be enough. You will have to consider parking spaces at home and work quite seriously before purchasing a car of this size.

Going off-road in this truck is a lot of fun! It has sufficient power to get through the dunes and with its overall length and height gives it a lot of ground clearance and the off-road aids along with the traction control keep it on top of it’s game!

Overall, it was an absolute delight testing the new F-150, and I have never experienced a truck with this much experience putting together small little solutions for every situation this well. Kudos Ford, you’ve done an incredible job!


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