2017 Infiniti Q60 3.0t – The Coupe is back!

Since the mid-2000s, the Infiniti G35 coupe was a very popular sports car for youngsters, and a couple of years later, the G37 took that even further by being a very solid sports car with good performance, looks and luxurious interior. In 2014, Infiniti renamed their vehicles and the G37 coupe was now called the Q60 but with little in terms of updates, which was a bit disappointing.

In 2015, Infiniti showcased the Q60 Coupe Concept at the North American International Auto Show and it was jaw-dropping. So jaw-dropping in fact, that in 2016 they released the Q60 with very little changes, and all jaws remained on the floor. The Coupe was back!

Special thanks to Infiniti Dubai for the awesome weekend ride!

Infiniti had a tough one here. The automotive world had evolved quite a lot since the G37 was introduced, and cars had evolved in the looks department, which is why I think they stuck to the concept car looks and especially in this Iridium blue color. This car is, without a doubt, a stunner!

There is a lot more to a car than its looks, so I had to find out of there was more to this Infiniti.

Q60 Specifications

Think of the Q60 as a beautiful Elie Saab dress. No, this is not a fashion blog. This dress fits two very beautiful and fit women, one is into running and one into fitness.

The running model has the power equal to 208 horsepower and 350 nm of torque, as the 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine found in the Q60 2.0t giving it long stamina, economy and sufficient endurance, while the fitness model has the power equal to 400 horsepower and 475 nm of torque, as the 3-liter 6-cylinder twin turbo engine found in the Q60 3.0t.

Both engines are quite capable and have sufficient power, but the model tested in this review is the Q60 3.0t, with the 400 horsepower powerhouse capable of a top speed of 250KMPH. The twin-turbo direct injection engine drives this power directly to the rear wheels via a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The Q60 has room for 4 passengers although it’s quite tight for the rear passengers for long journeys.

Keeping up with the times, Infiniti has loaded the Q60 with a tonne of driving and assistance features to ensure maximum safety and driveability, such as:

  • Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) with Distance Control Assist (DCA) which is a radar-guided cruise control system for highway and traffic
  • High Beam Assist which automatically adjusts and dims your high beams for oncoming traffic
  • Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS) with auto-leveling ensures your lights are pointed in the direction you are headed
  • Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection, four cameras and one virtual 360° view from above makes it easy to see and maneuver in even the tightest spaces
  • Active Lane Control monitors the lines on the road and can make small adjustments to the wheels keeping you in your lane at all times
  • Backup Collision Intervention systems ensure you’re warned if a car is passing by while you reverse out of a spot
  • Forward Emergency Braking ensures that if a crash is unavoidable, the brakes are applied to reduce the impact of collision
  • Bling Spot Warning and Blind Spot Intervention systems ensure you are informed and/or warned when a vehicle is in your blind spot and will intervene if the vehicle continues to move in proximity to another vehicle

So, clearly, they took this coupe very seriously to ensure it is a very safe, reliable and convenient car to drive.

How about we take a look around and inside the Q60, and then talk a little about how it felt to drive? Yalla lets go!

The gorgeous exterior

The Q60 comes in 10 exterior colors, and the test vehicle was a gorgeous Iridium Blue, which in my opinion is the nicest color on this car.

Welcome to the new Infiniti design language.

The front is an absolute stunner, it’s actually one of the nicest looking coupes on the market today. It, in some angles and lighting, is jaw-dropping.

A big bold Infiniti grille with a massive logo stands out at the front of the car with a chrome frame. I personally like logos that are 3D instead of the way Infiniti has placed it on the Q60, which is like a logo plate, which I think is done this way to hide some of the sensors (I have not verified this) and unlike most cars, due to the massive grille, the front parking sensors are embedded into the grille.

Low facia makes the Q60 look super sporty and aggressive, with more chrome down low by the foglights, and now we can talk about the star of the show.

I think these headlights, especially in the dark, look absolutely meaner than anything out there on the streets. There is an eagle eye type of look to them, which makes them stand out. These. Are. Gorgeous.

They are also LED.

Moving to the side, it becomes clear that the profile is very much similar to the G37, which is fantastic and makes the car feel familiar to Infiniti fans.

There is a continued theme of chrome around the window frame with a chunkier bit around the rear side window, which is just a bit odd to me. There is a chrome vent behind the front wheels as well.

Speaking of the rear side window, I know Infiniti has these wild curves, but that little thick chrome bit.. a bit too wild for my taste and not as elegant enough for what this coupe deserves.

There are also very strong shoulder lines running throughout the side of the car giving it a very muscular look. This even makes it look wider at the rear than the front, which I love in a car.

In some angles, it looks a little overboard, but I think how they blend in over the rear wheel arch, makes up for the excess bulk. The Q60 surely spends time at the gym.

The review vehicle was riding on 19 x 9-inch 5-spoke 3D bi-tonne alloy wheels which matches the looks of the Q60 quite well. There are other wheels on offer, but I think these are the nicest still.

Behind these wheels sits a pair of 330mm front ventilated disc brakes, and 316mm disc brakes at the rear.

The rear of the Infiniti Q60 is the part I was most afraid of. They pulled off a great profile (minus rear side window) and front, so they’re bound to mess up the rear. They didn’t.

The pointy LED-light theme continues with the rear LED taillights in a very swoopy design extending to the trunk lid which gives the car a wider stance. Vertical lines on the outer sides of the bumper keep the Q60 quite tall too. Very well designed in my opinion and the extended trunk lid, acting as a rear wing, makes the look very aerodynamic. In fact, if you look at the image above and imagine the trunk lid without that “lift” it would have messed the entire look!

Overall, Infiniti has done an incredible job with the exterior of the Q60 and it definitely lives up to its heritage.

If I have any criticism on the looks, they are minor; rear side window and overly large fuel cap.

 Let’s look inside!

The interior of the Q60 now has, even more, to live up to. There is a brilliant engine under the hood, and a gorgeous exterior, Infiniti cannot mess up the place owners will spend most of their time in.

I do not want to use the word “disappointed” because this is a good looking and feeling interior, but the most appropriate word to use is “familiar” because it is. This is, nearly 95% identical to the interior in the Q50.

Differences? The steering wheel… perhaps the angle? The gear lever and the seats.

Don’t get me wrong, the interior is a very nice place to be, but if they’ve gone the all the way to make the exterior stand out, and take the Q50’s look, coupe-ify it and makes it gorgeous, why did they not take a stab at the interior too?

Anyways, reviewing what we have, rather than what we want, this is a very solid interior. The doors close with a very trusting thud, and the interior is full of soft and smooth materials throughout the entire cabin. There are some rough plastics down low, but you’re not going to be touching that, now are you?

There is plenty of space, even though this is quite a low and small sports coupe, and has a decent amount of interior storage across the side door pocket, center cup-holders, and center armrest.

One thing I do not understand is the foot-operated parking brake, in a coupe.

Sports seats are standard on the Q60, and while they may not look overly sporty, they are very comfortable, with a very good amount of side bolstering keeping you in place around corners.

Plenty of space for the driver and passenger, with a great driving position sitting nice and low with very adjustable electric seats. Space does come at the price of space for the rear passengers, but who needs rear passengers?

There is limited space with the seats all the way back and in a very spacious adjustment, but set them up reasonably and two adults, and just two, can sit in the back fairly comfortably for a short journey. Rear headroom is limited, but the seats do drop inwards.

Rear occupants have two well-placed cupholders and an armrest at either side.

Moving to the front once again, the Q60 has the same dual-screen setup as seen previously on the Q50 review here. This screen is considered a “display-only” type of screen where you get to view your audio, climate control, and navigation.

The bottom screen is where all the action takes place. All the vehicles settings and features can be accessed and adjusted here, including the Bluetooth system, radio, auxiliary and vehicle settings/apps. The Q60’s bottom screen also have some sort of lamination which makes it really hard to see and use in some lighting conditions during the day.

The infotainment system is fairly smooth, but I could not call it quick or super responsive. We may not have Apple Car Play or Android Auto fully enabled in the region, but the car is not equipt with it, even if they are enabled.

The screens are controlled via touch, but if you’re driving and want to focus on the road, you can control the menu via the circular knob found below the gear lever making it very convenient at times. The hotkey for the cameras makes it very easy to turn on the cameras without fumbling through menus and options.

Speaking of the gear lever, it is one of my favorite things on the car. It is very sporty and has a great feel in your hands. I found myself almost always holding on to it while driving. Very comfortable and gives you that sporty confidence somehow.

Overall, the interior of the Q60 is a very nice place to be. A very good design, good seats, quite a techie (although a generation behind) and built very well, but just does not match the look and feel you get from the exterior of the car. You’d expect an ultra-modern design, state-of-the-art tech, and super cool features, and that is not quite the case.

What is it like to drive?

Hmmm… first, let’s take a look at it again.

The question is, does it drive like the exterior or like the interior?

In all honesty, it drives like the interior, but that is not a bad thing at all, and I will explain.

When I first got into the car and drove off, it felt very familiar to the G37. Yes, it is sharper, faster, more controllable and exciting, but it reminded me a lot of its predecessor, immediately. Don’t misunderstand this for a bad thing though, as the G37 was a great all-around sports car, Infiniti has just taken what people know and love and improved upon every single element of it.

Power delivery is nearly instant, with nearly any lag at all from the twin turbos and they shoot to the rear wheels beautifully. You can execute a tiny wheel-spin drive off with the traction control off while being very well controlled.

With it on, the computers make sure the wheels don’t spin and the power is delivered in a matter that maximizes its ability to fly off the line. The 0-100KMPH time on the Q60 3.0t is about 5 seconds, and I have no doubt it will do that, every time.

It won’t blow your mind, but it’s more than sufficient for a car in this segment.

Around corners is where the Q60 starts to show its updated body, chassis, and engine. The vehicle is always planted, corners really well and maintains a very confident flat drive. The chassis is stiff, but not stiff enough that it gets uncomfortable, this is still a very comfortable GT-like coupe.

The gearbox is good when it is in automatic mode, running smoothly, but turn the car into manual mode and the paddle shifters are a bit of a let down where the gears do not shift as immediate enough for enthusiastic driving.

For an overall sports car driving experience, the Q60 does a great job in satisfying everything you could ask from a car with this ability and size. With 400 horsepower, rear-wheel drive and a long list of driving modes, driving assistance, and safety features, it is super smooth, powerful and handles very well.

It will put a smile on your face and you will love owning it every single day, it just won’t make you grin like an imbecile and that is absolutely fine.

Infiniti has done a great job with the Q60, and if you’re in the market for a comfortable, spacious and speedy coupe, the Q60 3.0t is definitely worthy of a test drive, it will put a smile on your face without a doubt. The coupe is back!

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