Ihab drives was possibly one of the most anticipated blogs that I wanted to launch since the initiation of my first blog http://www.ihabdines.com (My Dining Experience Review blog) and continued while initiating http://www.ihabstech.com (My technology and Gadget Review blog) and finally here it is!

The idea behind this blog is quite simple, I love cars. In all shapes, forms, speeds and abilities, I love these machines and I wanted to really get into reviewing them. I do not have access to a track, neither am I going to be able to constantly drive Supercars, so I decided to review cars and test them in the real world.

This means, real world situations with real world tests to allow readers to enjoy the review but also get the real world feel of owning these machines, on a daily basis, as they would if they actually bought one, not lived in a castle and owned their own track (As we all wish)

I hope you enjoy the reviews and test drives I have and I welcome all suggests and thoughts of my content through my email: ihabdrives@gmail.com and on twitter @ihabdrivesdubai.


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