Back in June, I got the opportunity to test the Jaguar F-type V6s Convertible and I titled the review as “The unforgettable drive” simply because it was an incredible machine that was perfectly balanced, sounded brilliant, drove like a dream and looked stunning.

In my mind, the only car that could beat the F-Type Convertible in its segment would either be the Porsche Cayman GTS or the F-Type itself, but not just any F-Type, the Coupe.

Huge thanks to Jaguar & Weber Shandwick for this amazing weekend ride.

Jaguar F-Type V6 Coupe - Cover Beauty Shot

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2014 VW Golf GTI – Test Drive

Anytime you ask anyone what is the best small fast car, they jump to the Golf GTI. It really is that simple, it was always nice, compact yet quite practical, had good performance and was quite well priced. The truth is the Golf has gotten more fat over the years, especially with higher regulations for safety, demand for equipment and there are cars in the market that, technically, were better cars and gave better value for money. For 2014, VW has introduced a new Golf, the Mk7 and I am sad to report it has grown bigger in dimensions; it is 150mm longer, 12mm wider, 4mm lower and the prices have gone up as well!

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